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Providing print-ready files

Guidelines for providing your own files for printing.

Whether you’re working with another designer, or giving it a go yourself, there are certain specifications that your files need to include so that they can be printed accurately and with high quality.

We ask that all print ready files are provided following these specifications:

Sizing: This will be specific to your requirements, but check with us if you’re wanting a standard product (like business cards) 

3mm of bleed included: This allows a buffer when trimming. If this isn’t included in the file, you’re at risk of losing information that is close to the edge of the file.

No crop marks: Our print software generates these automatically, so you don’t need to add your own.

Important information is at least 4mm away from the edge of the document: Any information that is closer will potentially be cut off during the trimming process. This includes text, borders, or intricate detail.


If you are unable to do this, we can do this for you for an extra fee of $60p/h. Typically on a standard product, these adjustments will take 15 minutes ($15) but it will all depend on your file and design. Contact us directly to discuss this.


For us to make your file print-ready, you will need to provide:


An editable file: Ideally this will be an Adobe Illustrator file, but an editable pdf will work as well (not a jpg converted to a pdf).

The fonts and all of the assets used: The assets and fonts can be compiled* and sent in an email. Without these, we won’t be able to edit the file without losing the assets or fonts used.

*The assets can be sent in an email or compressed in a zip file (select all assets, right click, select “compress”). 
If your assets are too large to send in an email, use and include your contact details.


Generic Sizes:

A6 Sheet – 105mmx148mm
A5 sheet – 148mmx210mm
A4 Sheet – 210mmx297mm
A3 Sheet – 297mmx420mm
A2 Sheet – 420mmx594mm
A1 Sheet – 594mmx841mm
A0 Sheet – 841mmx1189mm

Sizes over A3 have limited paper options.

Product Sizes:

DL Size – 99mmx210mm
Business Card size – 90mmx55mm
Basic Postcard Size – 105mmx148mm
Basic Greeting Card Size – 105mmx148mm (210mmx148mm folded in half)

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