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We’re excited to share that Strange Dog Print and Design has become a licensed partner.

This means you’ll notice some changes in the way some of your printing orders are handled.

If a printing job isn’t urgent, and isn’t something we can only do in-house, we might send it to our networked facility for production. 

We can offer great prices to our customers by bundling our print jobs with others from within our network, meaning better value to you for these jobs.

But am I still supporting local if my printing is done elsewhere?

Yes! All the money you pay for your printing job goes straight to us at Strange Dog, even if you pay through the website. We know it’s important to our customers to support local, and we’re grateful that you support us, whether we print your job instore or in our networked facility.

Strange Dog pays for the use of the equipment in our production facility, the same way we pay for our printers that sit in our building.

How does it work?

Our centralised production facility saves up similar jobs to print and process all at once, which means less work and better value. We don’t have the volume to do this instore, but by collecting all similar orders from our other network partners, we can keep costs down for regular jobs like business cards or flyers.

By sending some of our print jobs away, our staff can spend more time helping our customers with design work and custom solutions. It means our customers get access to the newest and most up-to-date printing technology, ensuring great quality, less waste, and the best pricing.

So what’s different for me?

We’ve chosen to partner with because it’s a great experience for our customers. Along with great value pricing, you can enjoy:

  • Discounts if you can wait longer for your printing
  • Online ordering and instant prices
  • Super easy re-ordering – all your print jobs are saved in your online account
  • Free delivery to your home or business if you order online!

You’ll be able to see and sign off your proofs online, and you’ll get handy emails informing you about the progress of your prints. The emails are still from us at Strange Dog, and if you’ve got any questions you can email back, give us a ring, or come in to chat.

If you’ve already got your file, you can even order the printing yourself, pay online, and get it shipped directly to you! If you’d rather come in and talk to us about it, we are still here ready to help.

Where can I browse prices and order?

You can go directly to our online shop at

If you’re already a customer of ours you might be set up as a user already – if you get an error when you register, use “Forgot Password”, or give us a ring for help.

Alternatively you can come in to the shop to talk to our friendly staff about prices and turnaround times.

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