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Funeral service sheets

Need Service Sheets in a hurry?
We’ll take care of it.


Organising service sheets can be a complicated task at a stressful time. We understand how difficult it can be for families to get all the information required in a hurry, especially with short timeframes.

Whether you want to design them yourself, or have us do it, we’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you.

How long does it take to print service sheets?

The turnaround time for service sheets can greatly depend on the specifications like quantity, paper weight, page count, if there’s layout required, or the provided file quality.

In most situations, we will have the service sheets ready in 1-2 hours after a print ready file has been provided. A print ready file is a file that meets all the specs required for us to send the file straight to print.

Due to the circumstances around requests for service sheets, we understand that you might be working with tight schedules. Where necessary, we can even organise to print out of business hours to ensure they’re done on time. 

Can I do the service sheet setup myself?

If you have a layout that’s ready but you just need for us to clean it up, we can also do that. For this we will require an editable pdf. A jpg file that has been converted to a pdf won’t work as it has been converted from an image, so all the fields will be uneditable.

For the fastest turnaround time the file will be a print ready pdf with assets that don’t go to the edge of the page or a white background. This means we won’t need to spend time trimming them and our machine can fold them for us.

How much does it cost to design service sheets?

If you are wanting us to create the service sheets that usually takes an hour, depending on how much information you can confirm straight away, and also how much back and forth or changes we need to do. This setup time will be charged at $60 per hour.

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