Strange Dog FAQs

Get answers to our frequently asked questions

Why is it called “Strange Dog”?

Strange Dog Print and Design is named after our strange dog Dougie (Doo-gee) the Chow Chow. Dougie was the only survivor in his litter. Although he was blind and had his paralysed tail amputated as a puppy, Dougie was the happiest doggy we know, and we thought he deserved to have the shop named after him. You can see more of Dougie and his sister Badger on his Instagram account.

How much do your services cost?

When you tell us what you need, we use our years of printing expertise to determine how to print your order for the lowest cost to you, without compromising on quality. We want to make sure you get the best quality print at the lowest price.
By giving us as much detail as you can, including how many prints you need, the final dimensions, and any finishing you want, we can give you an accurate quote quickly.


Our design fee is $110 per hour.



How long will my order take?

When we discuss your request with you, we’ll ask you when you need it by. We’ll use that information to prioritise our workloads. If you need something urgently, we’re more than happy to work to a deadline. In some instances, this may involve a rush fee, but we’ll discuss that with you first. We understand that many of our customers are only in town briefly, so we work hard to fulfil traveller orders in time.

We don’t charge rush fees for funeral service sheets.


How Can i share files with you?

If you’re needing to share files with us in order to complete your request, we’ll discuss the best way to share. For smaller files, email is fine. In store we use Send-Anywhere, and we can help you set this up on your phone if necessary. Otherwise, we use WeTransfer for bigger files. If you have questions about how to use these we’re happy to help.


How do I get a custom printed shirt or hat?

We hold a variety of blank shirts, hoodies, and hats in stock for customers to pick from. Once you’ve chosen your apparel, we can show you our range of stock prints. We’ve created lots of popular designs that incorporate the local activities and landmarks. Most of our popular prints are also pre-printed in several colours, ready to press on the spot. If you’d like something a bit more customised, we’ll tell you how long it’ll take, and most orders can be done the same day. We also have a range of pre-printed tees and hoodies, for a quicker choice.


Do i have to make a booking for a passport photo?

We do passport photos in store, no need for an appointment, just drop in. We can provide you with printed or digital versions, with a wait time of just 15 minutes (just enough time for a coffee!)


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