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Strange Dog is your business’s best friend.
We’ll take care of it.


Strange Dog offers a variety of business services, including design, uniform printing, promotional material, custom merchandise, and bespoke printed products.

Strange Dog VIPs

We’ve decided to shake things up, and change the way we offer services.

Strange Dog offers a VIP program that includes FREE unlimited design services.

This is designed for those who are looking for easy, trouble-free solutions to your business needs, and discounts to boot.

Level Up Club

We want to help you with your marketing and levelling up your business. We’ll show you how to attract more of the right customers, streamline your work processes, and increase your profit.

Our services

Our repeat customers tell us that they come to us because we’re friendly, reliable, and we make things easy for them.

If we can’t do something, we’ll help you find someone who can, and we can even organise it for you.

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